Billing for Advertisers

Billing for Advertisers is used to summarize the total revenue from your advertisers. At the end of the accounting period (the period of time for which conversions appeared in the system), you can easily generate invoices for selected advertisers. To generate the invoice for your advertiser go to Billing > Advertisers.

You can find it here:



 Then click "Create Invoice" button to start:


Here you can start the process and add all the required info



1)  Select the advertiser for which you want to create an invoice from the list of advertisers you have in your panel.

2) Specify the billing cycle. Select the Start date and End day for invoice.

3) Select the status of the bill:

- Unpaid - After you click "save" you will be able to remove or edit the bill.

- Paid  - Once you click save the bill can't be changed or removed.


 4) Currency

If you have multiple currencies enabled in your network, you will be also able to select one from the dropdown list.

5) Note. Add some note if it's needed.



At the details section add the offer_id/title of the offer. Then specify the payout type for the conversions made, where:

RPA - revenue per action
RPS - revenue per sale 
RPA + RPS - revenue per action + revenue per sale
RPC - revenue per click
RPM - revenue per impression

Specify the conversions number and add the sum amount ( required ) with a note if needed.

Then click "Save" button.

Billing Edit

If you want to make changes to an invoice that already exists, open up an invoice and you have the option to change all the fields.*

*The bill can be edited if it is in UNPAID status only.


Billing Removal

Once this happens, you can generate future invoices that use stats from this time period.


Billing Export

Once you've generated the invoice you can double check it here:


If everything is correct and you are ready to send it to your Advertiser, you download it in one click in PDF-format:


Here is the example of the bill


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