How To Test Publisher Tracking Links?

You can test publisher links using Test Link tool. This tool emulates the conversion and helps you to check if affiliates postback works correct.

It's important to switch ALL targeting restrictions in offer settings and affiliate side like Geo or OS off

Hash password and allowed IPs must be also switched off.



Also you can create special test links which will ignore offer's targeting restrictions.
But it doesn't ignore hash password or IP whitelist.
How to check if it works

After the test you can check whether the postback has been sent to your publisher.



Http code - status code postback response. 200 usually means that the postback was adopted by partner





  • Error: Click not created  - It means that you should switch ALL the targeting restrictions (Both In offer settings and affiliate side) like geo, device or OS off.


  • Error: Current IP-address is denied - If you see this error - you should delete the IP whitelist from advertiser profile/offer settings OR add the IP address of the server which is used to your whitelist.


  • Error: Access denied - You should delete hash password from Advertiser's profile or Offer edit page and repeat the test





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