Goal Tracking

Affise provides the simplest way to track additional goals and post-install events sent by your Advertisers.

Once an offer is created, payouts for different target actions, goals can be added in the offer’s settings.

Goal values can be set directly in the offer - > ‘Payouts’ section:


Goal Title is a descriptive field that does not affect integration process. It’s a descriptive goal name to be shown on the statistics tabs on your Affise panel.

Different titles can be added in the Settings → Goals:


Once Goal Title is added in your Settings, it can be chosen out of a drop-down menu in offer’s settings - > Payouts:


Once goal title is set, it’ll help you to check your statistics data faster and do not spend much time to recover what specific goal value stands for:


Goal value is a mandatory field. It’s a value to specify various target actions (events) at the level of advertiser's postback. Since goal value affects integration, it should be set for tracking purposes both in the offer’s settings and Advertiser’s postback.

If the offer has several goals, all of them should be specified in payout’s settings.

Ex: goal value '1' = install, goal value '2' = deposit.

Unlike goal titles, goal values are specified directly in the offer’s settings.

Notice: only digits, letters, underscores, dashes can be used in Goal Value field. Since goal values are used in postback URLs,no spaces are allowed to use:it’ll make the URL invalid. ‘0’ character cannot be used as a goal value.

Once goal value is set in payouts’ settings, it should be also added in Advertiser’s postback.

Let’s have a look at the following example:


Offer ‘X’ has two payouts and two goals: Install and Purchase.

Goal ‘Install’ has a goal value ‘1’ and goal ‘Purchase’ has a goal value ‘2’.

Goal value should be added to Affise postback with the help of &goal=goal_value parameter.

Notice: all the postbacks sent by Advertiser without goal value are sent with goal value 1 by default. That’s why there is no need to add &goal=1 to Affise postback for goal with a goal value ‘1’. If goal parameter is omitted in Advertiser’s postback, a conversion will be registered with goal ‘1’ accordingly.

For the rest of goals, goal value should be added to the postback URL.

Advertiser’s postback for goal ‘2’ Purchase will look the following way:{clickid}&goal=2

You can always check which goal value was sent by your Advertiser in ‘Statistics’ - > ‘Server postbacks’ under ‘{goal}’ column:


Should you have any further doubts or questions on goal tracking, feel free to contact our support team via

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