How To Create The Campaign in CPAPI

CPAPI is the tool which helps you to export as many offers from partners as you like in just a few clicks. Specify your margin and rebrokering parameters, add affiliate programs, sync data, stop and start offers. All of that takes literally a couple of clicks and only a tiny bit of your valuable time. 

To start just follow these 3 points:

I. The first step you should do is to fill the fields at "Tracking systems" part with Affise credentials. Tracking system is the part responsible for THE DESTINATION OF OFFERS EXPORT (your Affise instanse).


  • Title - here you can put the name of your network or anything you want
  • Type - Affise only
  • Api-key - here you should put your user (user with Admin access) API-KEY (Read here)
  • Api-Uri - You should take the API URL ( Read here)

II. Then you should create the demand source which will import the offers to CPAPI.

The settings of demand sources depends on network type.There are some examples of integration with some platform types supported here. After that you should ensure that everything is set correctly - "Ready" status.

Offers will be imported to CPAPI in a certain amount of time (~1 hour). All the imported offers will be available at "Demand offers" page.


If there are any mistakes - you can click the status and get the explanation of the error.

III. Then final step is to start the campaign, which will export all the offers from CPAPI to Affise. Here is the campaign settings, where you can choose the frequency of synchronization:



  • Title  - The name of your campaign
  • Tracking system -  select the Affise from drop-down menu.
  • Advertiser - the list of advertisers from your Affise network.
  • Privacy - the privacy level for imported offers (public/pre-moderation/private)
  • Margin - % of partner's contributions

Then you can select the fields for synchronization and their frequency (first time only/ always or disable it at all).
Also you can select the auto-selecting CPI checkbox - IS CPI line (which is used for Affilitest integration)

Filters are used for exporting only those offers, that suit the filters rstrictions. You can filter the export by:

  • Countries
  • OS
  • Devices
  • Currencies
  • Min and Max Payouts

Offer status - forces the status of imported offers (if you want offers yo have the same status as your advertiser have, you should left this field empty)

For each campaign you can select different Demand Sources and select the offers (or pick all the offers) for resell.


If you want to export just some part of the parsed offers you should use the checkboxes.

Also we mark offers you are not able to import with red color. And it's very easy to find the reason of that:


The List of campaigns with their ids, titles, statues, numbers, the synchronization info, action buttons.

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