I Do Not See The Conversion After Test

If you don’t see the conversion at your statistics after the test you should go to “server postbacks”

Response: Status1 – OK
Response: Status2 – you can click on it and find the reason

Access denied - You should delete hash password from Advertiser's profile or Offer edit page and repeat the test
Current IP-address is denied - If you see this error - you should delete the IP whitelist from advertiser profile/offer settings OR add the IP address of the server which is used to your whitelist.

If it doesn't help, you should do some steps:

1)Check the tracking link.
2)Look into the offer targeting setting (GEO,DEVICE,OS VERSION)
3)Ask your advertiser for "sent postback" log and check the postback.

If you still have any questions, you can ask them in comments or contact our support team

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