Affise Common Postback Integration (s2s)

Server-2-Server integration, postbacks require a value generated by Affise called Click ID to be sent to the Advertiser, and passed back to AFFISE  by the postback. We generate the Click ID value by using the macro {clickid} (Mandatory for s2s integration) in the Offer link. It consists of 24 symbols.

When the redirect occurs, it will be replaced by unique value which will need to be passed back to Affise in order for us to reference the original click and connect the click to the conversion.

How does the advertiser know that the conversion is related to you? When you send your advertiser’s some traffic, they allocate you an affiliate ID (done via their affiliate software - Hasoffers, Cake, Affise etc… ) and they also allow you to append a dynamic value in your affiliate link. The clicks are flowing toward the advertiser and they are recording the events, click id’s, affiliate id’s and so on in their Database.


Basically you need to pass {clickid} parameter to advertiser and receive it back on postback.

Example of passing {clickid} and other parameters to advertiser:

This is a basic url example to receive postback information from advertiser{clickid}

In addition we suggest to receive more information about conversion.

For example: 

    Read more about parameters here


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