Pre-Landing Pages

Pre-landing pages drum up potential customers and entice them to visit the landing page.

If you want to set up the links on the pre-landing pages that redirect visitors to the landing page selected by the affiliate on his account, you need to add the following js code at the end of HTML code before the closing </body> tag:

<script src="//track.url/preland.js"></script>



  • track.url - tracking domain specified in the settings of admin panel.

This enables all links on pre-landing page to redirect visitors to the landing page specified by affiliate in affiliate network.  


 How to add pre-landing pages to the offer

Step 1

In the offer settings add titles, links and preview url's to field 'Landing Pages'. Select 'Prelanding' in the pop-up list.


Step 2

Your affiliate goes to the offer, clicks on 'Transits' and chooses one of pre-landing pages.




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