Creating New Offer

This article will help you to create a new offer.


You can create a new offer using basic, as well as some additional settings:

Basic settings:

  • General parameters
  • GEO, Goal, and Payout parameters
  • On-hold time 

Additional settings:

  • Caps management
  • Landing pages addition
  • Individual payouts


Basic settings

To adjust basic settings, you need to add the following data:

  • Offer Title
  • Offer Description
  • Advertiser (select the advertiser from the drop-down menu)


Tracking settings

  • Tracking URL - main offer tracking URL. Add our macros to the link to configure s2s integration. You can find the list of available macros below. The only mandatory macro is {clickid}, which should be sent to the advertiser and sent back to Affise via postback.

         Available macro for tracking URL:


  • Click Macro URLs - forces the usage of subacconts in affiliate's account ( video help )
  • Preview URL - offer's preview URL. Usually, it's the direct link to the offer used for preview. If you want to promote a mobile app, you can put the direct link to the App Store page here.
  • Trafficback URL - if the traffic does not comply with the offer restricting conditions, it will be directed to this URL.
  • Tracking domain URL - select default tracking domain or pick the custom one if it has been added previously.
  • Restrict the country - by using this option you will redirect all the mismatch traffic by GEO to the Trafficback URL/Preview URL instead of Tracking URL. Please bear in mind that countries' list is taken from payout settings.
  • OS - OS restrictions. All the mismatched traffic by OS will be transferred to the trafficback URL.
  • Mobile devices - mobile devices restrictions. All the mismatched traffic by mobile devices will be sent to the trafficback URL.
  • ISP-carrier - ISP-carrier restrictions. All the mismatched traffic by ISP-carrier will be directed to the trafficback URL.
  • Sub account 1 and 2 - This option lets you block some of the sub accounts 1&2 definitions on the offer level. Write one or more values delimited by comma for filter sub account. Available only digits, letters, commas.

If you select the «except» checkbox - it means that the sub account "abc" only will be disabled

If the data in the link coincides at least with one pair of sub1+sub2 => Click will be redirected to the Trafficback URL

  • Click Session Lifespan  - Click Session Lifespan is time period when conversion is allowed for click. (By default - 1 year).Format: 1y2m3w4d5h6i7s. Scales must be one from: y(year), m(month), w(week), d(day), h(hour), i(minute), s(second)

    For example: 1y3d5i means lifespan of 1 year 3 days and 5 minutes


General settings 

  • Countries - List of countries which is available for offer (they are not used for targeting restrictions, but shown in offer description)
  • Traffic sources - Available traffic sources
  • Logo - Offer logo
  • Status - Offer status (disabled, active, suspended)
  • Stop date - Offer stop date. You can set the date and time when offer will be automatically stopped.
  • Send email to active webmasters before stopping - you can schedule affiliate email notifications before offer will be automatically stopped.
  • Novelty - Offer novelty (This is the mark for network managers, which helps to be guided through offers list better)
  • Privacy level - Offer privacy level for affiliates. There are three levels:
    -public – Offer is available for everyone without any request;
    -pre-moderation – Affiliates send the request and then wait for network manager confirmation;
    -private – Offer is not visible from affiliate's side, except affiliates connected by manager from admin side)
  • Top offer - If you match this checkbox, offer will be shown at top-offers list at affiliate’s dashboard
  • Hide payments - Hide the percentage of contributions to offer for partners if it is the type of Percent payment
  • Unique IP only - All the conversions except the first one made from unique IP will have a comment «IP duplicate». Conversion IP will be detected as a duplicated, if there were the conversion for this offer for all the period of offer existence.
  • CPI - shows the model of payment for affiliates who use your API.
  • Forensiq - enable Forensiq fraud protection for the offer. More info about forensiq you can find here.



 Use the following parameters to set up webmaster payouts:  

  • Country, Cities, Devices, OS - select the offer filters for payouts. If the conversion doesn’t suit this filters it will be declined automatically
  • Total - The sum you receive from your advertiser. Define the affiliate network payout amount from which affiliate's payouts are charged.
  • Payouts - define affiliate's payout amount.
  • Currency - set payout currency (you can enable any currency from the list at the network settings Settings->Currencies)
  • Goal - enter goal number.
  • Goal value (1 by default) - this value must be set if offer has several values.This value must must be added to postback with &goal=goal_value_here if it differs from 1.
  • Goal title - enter a goal name used for affiliates.
  • Payment type - select whether you want to pay a fixed amount or percent from amount. If you select to pay percent from amount, the Total and the Payouts fields must be have values in percent.

Additional tracking URL

In case if you need to make advertisement for different countries you can use different Tracking URLs for each of them simultaneously.

You can add additional tracking URL for offer by payout settings.


Personal payout

You can set personal payout for an affiliate as well as payout according to operating system or device. 



Conversions limits (caps)

  • Timeframe (Day; Month; All - Over the offer's lifetime)

Daily - Daily caps are counted for the 24-hour day according to your network’s time zone and reset at the midnight. You can also specify the timezone according to the offer's requirements.

Monthly - Monthly caps are counted for the calendar month, and reset on the first day of each month.

All - for lifetime caps, all conversions and budgets are counted for the whole time an offer is promoted.

  • Type (conversions; budget)

Conversions type cap is based on completed conversions amount from one or all the publishers connected to the offer. You have to specify the amount of the conversions at the value field.

Budget type cap works within a certain budget an advertiser defined in advance. The budget is counted by total payouts sum (total payout generated from one or all publishers for this offer).



If you have several goals for one and the same advertising campaign, you may set a separate offer cap for each goal. You can select the most useful combination for your needs.

all - Total cap for all the goals you have in the offer
each - Specific cap for each goal in the offer
exact  - Specified cap for the selected goal

all - Total cap for all the affiliates who work with the offer.
each - the specified cap per affiliates that are connected to the offer.
exact - personal cap for specific affiliate.

Overcap -  The option which sends the traffic to  the Trafficback URL if offer's limit is reached.

(NOTE, that Trafficback will be used if you have the Total cap for all the goals (Screenshot) you have in the offer.)


If you select the specific goal in the offer and set up the linit for this goal + enable the overcap function, Trafficback won't be used once the goal limit is reached, all the conversions for this goal will be automatically declined with a comment  - [Cap is reached]



Hide caps in partner interface - this option will let you hide the caps of the offer from your affilates at their dashboard.



Enabled of disabled affiliates for offer


Landing pages

You can include additional tracking URLs that lead to landing pages in the offer, this enables webmaster to select a landing page where they want to redirect visitors. 


Creatives import

You can easily add creatives to the offer in two clicks. Maximum size of the creative is 10 Mb. Maximum size of all creatives is 120 Mb in summary. 

Creative picture must be format is .jpg, .zip, .png or .gif



Other settings

  • Hold period - All the conversions are first put on hold which means that conversions are approved but they will be paid for in a certain number of days. Use the Hold period field to define the number of days after which conversions are released for payment.
  • Categories - Offer categories (you can add any category you want at Settings -> Categories)
  • CR, EPC - Offer CR, EPC
  • Action status URL - URL for grab conversion statuses
  • Notes - Offer notices (visible for network managers only)
  • Allowed IPs - Allowed IP for the postback from the advertiser. Each new IP with a new line. You can use the IP range with a hyphen (
  • Hash password for authorization postback - Protection against conversions cheat. If the password is generated, advertiser postbacks without this password will be zero filled and not counted.
    If enabled – you should add it to your postback with &secure=hash_password_here)
  • Integration pixels (s2s, Image, JavaScript, Iframe) - Insert this script at advertiser success-page to integrate by pixel or any other selected method (read more)
  • Allow deeplinks - External links are necessary for e-commerce in order to redirect the user to custom page






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