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Integration Flow

First, you need to start the integration process with Adjust is to navigate to link generation page

Step 1.  Get a Tracking URL (and event list, if necessary) from your Advertiser or from 'Offer edit' page - > 'Tracking' tab - > 'Tracking URL' field: 


Copy Advertiser's Tracking URL and put it in the 'Enter your links' field on the Adjust side:


Step 2. Take Affise Postback URL from 'Offer edit' page - > 'Postbacks' - > 'Integration pixels' - > 'S2S (Postback)' field


Copy Affise Postback URL and put it in the 'Your Callbacks' field: 


You can update the Affise Postback URL with Affise parameters and Adjust macros. 

import.pngRight now we support the following samples of the default Admin domain, which is used in Affise Postback URL:


click__1_.png Find out the full list of Affise parameters for the Affise Postback URL here. 

click__1_.png Find out the full list of Adjust macros here. 

Step 3. In case you want to generate Adjust URL for some goals (events), you need to put your Affise Postbacks in the 'Event' field with &goal={goal_value} macro. Where {goal_value} - goal value specified in the 'Offer edit' page - > 'Payouts' tab - > 'Goal value' field:


Put your Affise Postback URL for a particular goal (event) in the 'Event' field with the token for this particular goal (event):


import.png You can take the Event Token from your Adjust dashboard.

import.png Make sure you use the right token for a specific goal value. And the goal value and token in the event Postback URL are indicated correctly. 

Step 4.  Copy the generated URL in the 'Generated URLs' field:

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 If you have more questions on the Integration with Adjust, feel free to contact the Adjust Support Team via

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