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  • General
  • Tracking Domains 
  • Mail 
  • Trafficback
  • URLs
  • Affilate dashboard design





  • Site name - Affiliate network name
  • Legal address - affiliate's address for payout invoices
  • Admin panel default language - default language of the Admin panel


Tracking domains

Affise provides you with the possibility to add your own custom tracking domains.

You may set several tracking domains for your offers and also pick default domain for each offer separately. 

More info you can find by the link

Also you can add your custom tracking domain. More info by the link.



Mail settings

Email setup is crucial for your affiliates to be able to register in the network and activate their accounts.



You can set global trafficback in the way you want.  You can choose wether to use it if offer has suspended or stopped status/it's disabled for affiliate or just to use it when offer is not disabled (by any reason) but there are inappropriate user targeting, overcaps, etc.



  • Admin URL - Admin panel site URL
  • Affiliate network URL - URL of the affiliates' workspace
  • API Address - affiliate network API URL 
  • Tracking site URL - affiliate network tracking URL

(информация) Important  Verify you provide correct URLs.

This link can also be helpful: How To Change The Domain Name

The difference between HTTP and HTTPS:
The “S” in HTTPS helpfully stands for secure and you’ll often see it appear in your browser when logging into your banking or email accounts. But mobile apps often aren’t as transparent with users about the security of their web connections, and it can be hard to tell whether an app is connecting via HTTP or HTTPS.
To make it simple, we recommend to All our clients, who use custom domains, send us SSL certificates.


Affiliate dashboard design

In this sub-section, you can specify referral payouts, choose the default language for affiliate dashboard. You can also use this field to add codes for analysis and other tracking systems.  

  • Allow referral links - This checkbox allows you to enable/disable affiliate referral program.
  • Show afprice - Show afprice value to your affiliate in statistics -> conversion at affiliate's panel.
  • Referral payments (%) - the % for referral program.


Support information

Use this section to specify such details information as managers' contact details, support email, working schedule and  and the affiliate network social accounts. 


Affiliate Terms and Condition

Change Affiliate Terms and Conditions page here.





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