Add HasOffers Network

In order to add HasOffers CPAPI source you need to:

1) Click on Demand Source button.

You will see the Demand source page. Click on New Demand source button. 

2) Choose HasOffers network type and fill in the fields below:

Check option 'Without "targeting" requests' to exclude GEO targeting from the processes of offers transfer and settings sync.

3) Set macro parameters for HasOffers and Affise accordingly.

We suggest to set them in this way by default:


All Affise macros are available under Show macros, in order to get accurate HasOffers list of macros and parameters, please, contact their support team.

4) After successful adding the new source you would see Ready status of the source.
Your next step would be Creating a Campaign. Please follow these Instructions.


Should you need any further assistance, please, contact . 

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