Launching Your Network


Getting started with your Affise network?

Get it up and running by following these steps. Their order is based on best practices, starting with your networks essential settings, then moving to setting up advertisers, then offers, and finally affiliates.

Experienced network owners may also have pre-existing advertisers, offers, and affiliates to import, and otherwise know what settings they can skip for the time being. Those new to owning a network should treat this as a step-by-step process.


Key Information

The first step to using Affise is knowing how it works in the affiliate marketing ecosystem! Go over our Offers & Tracking.

You also need to know your network ID. It's the first part of your Affise URL: It's required for various custom or third-party services. Make sure you always have in mind your network ID when working with your Affise account.


How to start

We'll tell you which settings you should definitely address before launching your network. The rest of the settings have default values applicable to most new networks, though you should review those to make sure they apply to your marketing goals.

The process is next:

  1. Settings configuration
  2. Platform Overview
  3. Network Theme: Brand Your Network
  4. Setting Advertisers, Offers and adding an Affiliates
  5. Fraud Protection 
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