Affise <-> Yandex AppMetrica Integration

Links to documentation:

Tracking URL specification:

  • click_id (required)
  • google_aid (highly recommended)
  • android_id (highly recommended)
  • ios_ifa (highly recommended)
the rest is optional.
Postback documentation:
  • Install Postback
    • Description for postback - enter a message that displays to a visitor if you have some secret parameter they must get from your manager and specify it in the form. 
  • Event Postback - if any

In the attachment below you can find an example of how to fill in connection request.


=== неизвестное вложение ====

Basic links:

Click-Through URL example:{ip}&click_id={clickid}&device_ua={device_ua}&afpub_id={pid}

Postback URL for tracking installations:{click_id}&action_id={transaction_id}&ios_idfa={ios_ifa}&android_id={android_id}&status=5


Postback URL for tracking events:{click_id}&action_id={transaction_id}&ios_idfa={ios_ifa}&android_id={android_id}&status=5&goal={conversion_event_name}


, where - affiliate network admin panel URL
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