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Request for Integration with MAT Form

Documentation on macros postbacks:

Best Practices for Tracking Links


When you fill in the form, you need to specify postback URLs.

In МАТ, you can set multiple postbacks within one account and track various parameters depending on the tracking system an platform of the configured device. 

This documentation gives an overview of general settings for integration with all platforms.

Transferring parameters to МАТ:



If you need to transfer to tracker such data as ad creative IDs, age and other parameters, you should attach affiliate's subID with the data they set before. Such parameters may look similar to the following: 



Goal Postback{publisher_ref_id}&action_id={transaction_id}&ios_idfa={ios_ifa}&android_id={android_id}&status=5&goal={event_name}

where, - affiliate network admin panel URL

Additional Documentation

Postback Setup Documentation:

Tracking URL Parameters Setup Documentation:

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