Affise <-> AppsFlyer Integration

To be integrated with the advertiser on Appsflyer, please sign as an Ad Integrated partner via this link:

If you currently have an integration with AppsFlyer contact their team at

To start the integration you must send AppsFlyer both the basic tracking link and the postback for reporting purposes.


Basic tracking link should look like:{clickid}&af_siteid={pid}&af_c_id={offer_id}

*No need to fill in the pid=medianame_int, that would be substituted directly by Appsflyer team.


Obligatory Tracking Link Parameters




Request ID of each user session



ID of the Affiliate promoting the offer



ID of the offer


For more parameters to pass to Appsflyer please check the link:


Global Install Postback

For iOS app{clickid}&action_id={eventtime}&custom_field1={idfa}


For Android app{clickid}&action_id={eventtime}&custom_field2={android_id}


In-App Event Postback

You need to set up goal for the additional in-app events:

Goal tracking video:


In-App Event Postback iOS{clickid}&action_id={eventtime}&custom_field1={idfa}&goal={event-name}

Where &goal={event-name} is the goal you need to create in Affise system and put it into the goal_value cell.


In-App Event Postback Android{clickid}&action_id={eventtime}&custom_field2={android_id}&goal={event-name}

Where &goal={event-name} is the goal you need to create in Affise system and put it into the goal_value cell.

Important: goal_value=1 in Affise system Always refers to the install. If the goal is not specified in the postback the conversion will have goal value ‘1’ by default.


Tap on Plus to add a new payout section and specify Goal Value there


Goal Value would refer to the Appsflyer Event Edentifier:



Please feel free to contact if you need any further information.

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