Use the Dashboard page to view the affiliate network summary. You can monitor such aspects of today's progress as the number of hosts, conversions, registered affiliates and new tickets from affiliates as well as weekly dynamics. You can also use this page to get information on the required affiliate.


Today's Summary:


  • Hosts - today's total clicks.
  • Conversions - today's conversions number.
  • Earnings, rub - today's income of the affiliate network in RUB (total approved conversions cost minus payments to affiliates).
  • Earnings, $ -  today's income of the affiliate network in USD (total approved conversions cost minus payments to affiliates).

Traffic statistics for the last 30 days:

Use this graphic to view the dynamics of clicks, conversions and affiliate network income in RUB and USD. When you point at a column, a pop-up displays with exact values for specific date.


  • Today's affiliates - displays today's affiliate registrations in the following format:
    • New affiliate's ID in the system.
    • Affiliate's login (link to the affiliate summary page).
    • Affiliate Summary Icon (link to the affiliate summary page).
    • Affiliate's Marketplace List Icon (opens the list of affiliate's marketplace websites).
  • Notifications - displays all new and unanswered tickets from affiliates in the following format (in this example):
    • New ticket - link to the affiliate's ticket. 
    • Ticket subject (set by affiliate).
    • Affiliate's login and ID (the ID link opens the affiliate summary page).
    • Ticket creation date.
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