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Parameters for Tracking URL 

The Integration process starts with Affise Tracking URL that can be taken from the offer page. To set the Affise <-> Voluum Integration, add {clickid} macro to the offer Tracking URL. You may pass click ID value using one of the free sub-account parameters: &sub1 - &sub8.


Tracking URL example:{pid}&offer_id={offer_id}&sub1={clickid}

Put the updated Tracking URL into your Voluum system.

The full list of Affise parameters for the Tracking URL:

sub1-sub8 Subaccount 1 - Subaccount 8
ref_id Additional parameter for Tracking URL
imp_id Impression ID

Macros for Postback URL 

Next, you need it to share your Postback URL to get information about conversions. You can set your postback via Affiliate panel on the offer page or in the Profile settings as a Global Postback URL. Your Postback URL should contain &clickid parameter with {sub1}-{sub8} macro which you use to pass click ID value in the Tracking URL:


Postback URL example:{sub1}

The full list of the Affise macros for the Postback URL:

{uagent} UserAgent of user browser
{ip} User IP-address
{sub1}-{sub8} Subaccount 1 - Subaccount 8
{unid} Additional parameter for tracking URL
{ref_id} Additional parameter for tracking URL
{os_id} Additional parameter for tracking URL
{user_id} Additional parameter for tracking URL
{ext1} - {ext3} Additional parameter for tracking URL
{transactionid} Conversion identificator of the advertiser
{date} Date and time of conversion committing in format Y-m-d H:i:s
{offerid} Offer identificator in the System
{offer_name} Offer title in the System

Conversion status, available values:

1 – action "Allowed" (will be paid later by the advertiser)
2 – action "In process" (the decision is not taken yet, you need request the status later)
3 – action "Declined" (will not be paid later by the advertiser)
5 – action is «Approved» and put on Hold (will be paid by the advertiser at a certain amount of time - the period of hold is taken from the offer settings).

{sum} Conversion payout
{city} City
{geo} Country
{goal} Goal
{currency} Currency
{comment} Comment
{time} Time of conversion committing in format H:i:s
{date_only} Date of conversion committing in format Y-m-d
{rand} Randomly generated number
{referrer} Click referrer

{custom_field1} - {custom_field8} or

{custom_field_1} - {custom_field_8}

Custom field 1 - Custom field 8
{os} OS Family
{timestamp} unix timestamp of conversion creation

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 If you have more questions on the Affise <-> Voluum Integration, feel free to contact your Affiliate manager via the Tickets in the Support section or Voluum Support team via the help center.

Written by Anastasia Deryugina


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