The reason for conversion rejection

There are several reasons for why the conversion can be declined.

1) Not redistributed 


Not redistributed – Conversion is declined due to the overcap (the limits you have at the offer settings). Once you reach the offer cap, all the conversions you receive after that will have pending (cap) status. Then, if the limit hasn’t been increased - all these conversions will be declined with the comment “Not redistributed”

2) Rejected by a manager

Rejected by a manager – it means that this conversion was declined by one of the managers manually or through the API-call.

3) Rejected by the server postback

Rejected by the server postback - It means that the conversion was declined by the postback you received from your advertiser ( &status=3 - declined).


  • 1 – action is «approved» (paid by advertiser);
  • 2 – action is «pending» (decision in process, request status later);
  • 3 – action is «declined» (not paid by advertiser);
  • 4 – requested action «does not exist» (requested ID is not registered on advertiser's site);
  • 5 - action is «approved» and put on Hold (will be paid by advertiser at a certain amount of time).

4) Payments not found

Payments not found - It means conversion does not meet offer payout settings. The reason for rejection is wrong targeting. You should check the payout settings you have at the offer.


You have to check coincidence of parameters just in the same order

1) GOAL VALUE – !!the most important thing!!
2) COUNTRY AND CITY coincidence
3) Device and OS type


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