Smartlinks work by using an algorithm that decides which offer is shown for each specific user. The algorithm takes data about which user converts on what offer, analysis it, and uses this data to send visitors to an offer that is most likely to convert the user. (This tool is available for our clients on Enterprise plan or higher)

For your affiliates the smartlinks will be available here:

And in admin interface you'll be able to create and manage the smartlinks here:


Smartlink is the URL, which looks like: 



Once the user clicks the smartlink, he will be automatically redirected to the most suitable offer from the selected category (according to the user's geo, device, os type, os version etc.).

* smartlink category ID - It's the ID of the offers gathered in the Smartlink section in the administrator's interface.




You should сreate the category for Smartlink here:



Add the name of the category, select the tracking domain which will be used and write some description if needed:



Once the category is created you can add the offer to selected category in 3 ways:

1) Select the category from the Offer edition page:


2) Add the offer to specified Smartlink category via API (add new offer/offer edit)


Creation/edition of the Smartlinks' category is also available via API

Also you can easily add the offers to Smartlink category via CPAPI

The category will be taken from  already existing at Affise



Selection of the offer is carried out only among the offers of the same Smartlink category and among the offers which are available to the partner (public status or affiliate is already connected to the offer).

For smartlinks the logic is the same as when you work with affiliates in a usual way, which means that if your affiliate is disabled from some offers/advertisers - these offers/advertisers won't be used for Smartlink algorithm also.

For implementation of targeting restrictions we use the following parameters (structured according to their priority. Priority is determined due to the place in the list below):


- OS (type)
- OS Version
- Device
- Country
- Connection Type 
- Carrier
- eCPM based algorithm of rotation
- “Casting offer” algorithm which allows the new offers have a traffic and test their performance
- Fast data recalculation
- Smart algorithm would consider each geo performance separately in multi-geo offers.


All these categories are taken from the offer settings: 

Any of these fields can be empty. If the field is empty, it means that any of the available values for this parameter are allowed.

Once user clicks the smartlink, the platform selects the offer which matches the user's targeting conditions in the best possible way.

We use randomization algorithms to do the offer ranking. It means that, preferentially, it will be selected the offer with the most advantageous conversion parameters, matching user geo and device type.


The statistics for you smartlinks is shown at the separate tab. You can filter the stats by Smartlink category, date and affiliate id



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