What is Smartlink?

Smartlink is a monetization tool which allows your affiliates to get only one link to all the offers. Using the technology of machine learning, it automatically selects the offers by a number of parameters.

Note: This tool is available for our clients on Enterprise plan or higher.

 In Affise Smartlink URL looks like: 


Once the user clicks the smartlink, he will be automatically redirected to the most suitable offer from the selected category (according to the user's geo, device, os type, os version etc.)

Smartlinks work by using an algorithm that decides which offer is shown for each specific user. The algorithm takes data about a user, analyses all the information received in order to send visitors to an offer that is most likely to be converted. 


How to start working with smartlinks?

To start working with Smartlinks you need:

1) Create Smartlink category in ‘Smartlinks’ section using ‘Add’ button:smartlink1.png

2) Fill in needed ‘Name’ of your Smartlink, choose ‘Domain id’ (i.e tracking domain that will be used in Smartlink URL) and place ‘description’ for your Affiliates if needed. 


Smartlink category(-ies) can be also added/edited using the following API methods:

3) Once it’s done, you can proceed with adding offers into the created Smartlink right in the offer’s settings - > Tracking:
smartlink3.png You can also add the offer into a specific Smartlink category via API using these methods:

If you are using our special tool CPAPI, you can easily add a great number of offers into the Smartlink while setting a specific CPAPI campaign:


4) Once a number of offers are added into the Smartlink, an affiliate can find the same Smartlink category into their affiliate’s cabinet - > Offers - > Smartlinks:


Note: an affiliate will see a whole list of Smartlinks once created by you. However, their traffic will be distributed among the offers they are enabled for.

 5) Once pressing on a specific smartlink category, Affiliate will see Smartlink itself:


Smartlink can be also updated with additional parameters sub1-sub8, if needed.

In the link provided as an example: , you will find: - your tracking domain;

id=5a8c148a94864100413a7922 - Affise internal ID of a specific Smartlink;

pid=4925 - Affiliate ordinal ID

6) Once Smartlink is updated, it’s ready to use by the Affiliate and traffic can be sent.


 How Smart Algorithm works?

Selection of the offer is carried out only among the offers of the same Smartlink category and among the offers which are available to the partner (public status or affiliate is already connected to the offer).

For smartlinks the process is the same as when you work with affiliates in a usual way: if your affiliate is disabled from some offers/advertisers - such offers won’t participate in traffic distribution.

Traffic is distributed in the following way:

1) Offers in the Smartlink are divided in targeting groups by:

  • GEO
  • OS
  • Connection type
  • Carrier

Once a click reaches a Smartlink, it chooses the most suitable group of offers: ex. if a click was made from Android, it will select a number of offers for Android.

2) Offers are divided into ‘old’ and ‘new’ ones. New offers are those offers that were updated less than two days ago. New offers get 10 % of the traffic, the rest of the traffic goes to old offers.

3) One of the rates which is always considered by the Smartlink is EPC (Earning per Click): the higher EPC an offer has, the more chances are the offer will be rotated.

As a result, once a user clicks the smartlink, smart algorithm selects the offer which matches the user's targeting conditions in the best possible way.


 Where can I check Statistics for a specific Smartlink?

The statistics for you Smartlinks is shown on the separate tab. You can filter statistics by Smartlink category, date and affiliate id:


You can also check which offers are added into a specific Smartlink category in the offer’s list:

Should you have any further doubts or questions on Smartlinks, feel free to contact our support team via operating 24/7 for your convenience.


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