Affise <-> Adcombo Integration

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Adcombo Tracking URL 

The integration process starts with Adcombo Tracking URL. You need to add Affise {clickid} and {pid} macros and Adcombo &clickid and &subacc parameters to the Adcombo Tracking URL. Put updated Tracking URL into the 'Tracking URL' field in the Offer edit page. Just go to 'Offers' section - > 'Offer edit page' - > 'Tracking' Tab - > 'Tracking URL' field:


Tracking URL example:{clickid}&subacc={pid}

In case you want to receive some additional information, you also may add some marcos to the Tracking URL. The full list of the Affise marcos for the Tracking URL:

{clickid} or {click_id}  clickid_param_info: a required macro
{pid} partner ID
{ip} IP-address
{geo} Country code (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2)
{sub1} - {sub8} Subaccount 1 - Subaccount 8
{deeplink} Deeplink
{device_ua} Device User Agent
{offer_id} Offer ID
{rand} Unique number
{time} Unix time
{city} City
{time_petty} Time of click committing in format H:i:s
{date_only} Date of click committing in format Y-m-d
{affiliate_name} Company name of affiliate
{advertiser_id} ID of Advertiser
{offer_name} Offer Title
{referrer} Click referrer
{impression_id} Impression ID

Affise Postback URL 

Next, you need it to add your Postback URL to get information about conversions from Adcombo. Your Postback URL should contain &clickid parameter with {clickid} macro. You can set your postback in the 'Offers' section - > 'Offer edit page' - > 'Postbacks' Tab - > 'Integration pixels' field - > 'S2S (Postback)':


Affise Postback URL example:{clickid}

import.pngRight now we support the following samples of the default Admin domain, which is used in Affise Postback URL:

  • - will be supported until the end of the 2020 year!!!

The full list of the Affise parameters for the Postback URL:

clickid a required parameter: should be replaced with advertiser’s macro for click id
action_id unique request ID in the advertiser's system
goal goal number or goal value
sum conversion revenue 
ip IP address of visitor who made a request (partially hidden by GDPR policy)

conversion status:

Approved - 1

Pending - 2

Declined - 3

Not found - 4

Hold - 5

referrer referrer (additional information on traffic and deeplinks)
comment comment
secure  hash password generated on offer, advertiser level
custom_field1 - custom_field7  custom field 1 - custom field 7

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If you have more questions on the Affise <-> Adcombo Integration, feel free to contact the Adcombo Support Team via the Adcombo Help center.

Written by Anastasia Deryugina


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