How To Import The Advertisers (.csv)

You can quickly migrate many advertisers from another system into your network by using our Import Advertisers feature. This feature takes a " ; " (semicolon) separated values (CSV) file, which you can create with a spreadsheet program (like Microsoft Excel), and CSV file editor, or a simple text editor.



  1. Import tool
  2. Excel
  3. Import the advertisers list




1. After clicking on PLUS button you will see the  Pop-up window.

Here you should click on checkboxes. You can move items by specifying the desired order of sorting fields to import if click on the field. Not checked items are ignored (if you ignore some fields, don't put empty columns into the .csv file, the number of checkboxes = the number of columns at your file.)


2. You should create MS Excel file and fill the columns with the requests you need. 

After that you need to save file as .CSV Please remember the place where you saving the .CSV file. You will need it.

You can use Google Sheets for that too. Link.

3. Use choose file in the Import Tool and click Import button then. 

Import may take some time (usually around of 1 minute).

After that you will see the message if everything is OK.

Here is the result:


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