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What is Deeplink? 

Deeplink is a specific link that allows redirecting users to a particular piece of web content on a website or to specific content inside a mobile app. Deeplinks help to improve the quality of customer service: by clicking on the ad in the app, the user immediately goes to a page with relevant information. Without deeplinks, users will have to search for the needed content manually. 

The method of deep linking is an important element of any marketing campaign for mobile devices. It allows us to simplify the path to the content for a new audience, and improves the user experience for existing users.

 This is a deeplink because it leads to a specific article on the website. 

import.png It is essential to check with the Advertiser which part of the link is responsible for the desired redirect; otherwise, the Tracking link will be wrong and will redirect to the 404 page. 

Step 4 

If you want to receive some additional information from the Affiliate, you may add to the Affiliate Tracking link any of free &sub1-&sub8 and &ref_id parameters.



Q1.: Can I check in the Statistics Tab that traffic came via the deeplink?

A.: No. Affise does not collect data on deeplinks for now.

Q2.: Will the link work if the Affise Tracking link is set with httpS connection and the link to which the deeplink redirects is set with httP connection? And vice versa

A.: Yes, it will work in such a case. Deeplink is a special part of the link, and the SSL certificate is not involved here. 

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 If you have more questions on the Deeplinking, feel free to contact the Affise Support Team via or your Dedicated Account Manager.

Written by Anastasia Deryugina 


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