How to Share an Access to Affise for an Advertiser

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Affise allows you to invite your Advertisers to the platform and provide them with limited access to the platform and possibility to change the status of "pending" conversions, which is useful for e-commerce.

Advertisers can't edit campaigns or reports. They don't see the payouts you've put for your Affiliates or any other connected info, just the expenses for their campaigns.

Step 1. New Advertiser account creation

To add an Advertiser go to 'Advertisers' section - > 'Add' button:


See our detailed guide on Advertiser creation.

Step 2. Sharing access to Affise for an Advertiser

After the new Advertiser account creation, click on the 'Save' button. Advertisers can't sign up by themselves. You need to provide them with credentials by clicking on the 'Send password' button:


import.pngYou won't see this button unless the 'Email' field is filled.

Credentials will be sent from your Admin panel email. We strongly recommend using your custom email address instead of the default address that provides by Affise.

click__1_.png Find out more about How to set up your custom email domain here.
If all the steps described above have been performed correctly, you will observe the 'Sign in' button


Thus you can sign in as an advertiser and check what he actually sees.

The Advertiser will get a confirmation email and will have an opportunity to log into your Affise panel to check the Statistics of his offers. Advertisers should log into your Affise system via Admin Panel just like you always do when you start working in your Affise cabinet. However, they'll have very limited access and see the following data:








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 If you have more questions on How to Share an Access to Affise for an Advertiser, feel free to contact the Affise Support Team via or your Dedicated Account Manager.

Written by Anastasia Deryugina


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