How to share an access to Affise for an Advertiser

Affise gives you an opportunity to invite your advertisers to the platform and provide them with limited access to the platform + possibility to change the status of "pending" conversions, what is useful for e-commerce for example.

Advertisers can't edit campaigns or reports. They don't see the payouts you've put for your affiliates or any other connected info, just the expenses for their campaigns.Screenshot_7.png

To add an advertiser use Add Advertiser button.Screenshot_8.png

You will see the New Advertiser Page. Fill it with information you need. Typical information is underlined. Don't forget to fill Email field. It will be used to send the credentials to your Advertiser.

!!! Please avoid using user's e-mail in advertiser's profile settings !!!



Advertisers can't sign up by themselves. You need to provide them with credentials. As soon as you add email in advertiser's profile settings and click on "save button" you observe "send password'' button. You should click on it in order to send all the credentials to the provided email.Screenshot_11.png
Then you'll observe the "sign in" button which means that everything has been set correctly.Screenshot_15.png 

Please, avoid using user's e-mail in advertiser's profile settings. Advertisers should use the admin domain for sign in. 

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