How To Import The Conversions (.csv)

Import tool helps you to work with conversions. It can be very helpful when you are working with massive number of them. The other way is to edit them one-by-one.

You can easily approve or decline conversions with click id/conversion id, upload the conversions with(out) click id or make bulk-update of selected conversions to status you need. Each of these methods is done by uploading a semicolon ( ; ) delimited .CSV file to your network.





  1. Import tool
  2. Excel
  3. Conversion import

          - How to change the status of conversion




1. After clicking on PLUS button you will see the Conversions Pop-up window.


Here you should click on checkboxes. As usual you will need "Created at", "Offer ID", "Affilate", "Count".



You should take in a count the order of checkboxes. In that case "Created at" corresponds with 1st column in MS Excel, "Offer ID" corresponds with 2nd, "Affilate" with 3rd and "Count" corresponds with 4th column respectively. 

If you will additionally click on "Conversions ID" it will take 3rd column, while "Offer ID" will use 2nd column, "Affilate" - 4th and "Count" will use 5th column respectively.

Allowed import format is CSV with field delimiter ; and enclosure ". Order of specified fields must be according to order of fields in file. Field titles is not allowed. Allowed the following fields:

  • Offer - Offer name
  • Offer ID - Offer Id
  • Conversion ID - Coversion Id
  • Goal - Goal
  • Affiliate - Partner ID
  • IP - IP with which the conversion was made
  • iOs idfa - Id devices based on IOS
  • Android id - Id devices based on Android
  • Status - Conversion status (digital value)
  • Notice - Comment
  • ClickId - Click Id, from which there was a conversion
  • Created at - Create a conversion date
  • Count - Number of duplicate records

Offer is considered to be the required field, and any of the fields ClickId, Affiliate, Conversion

You can move items by specifying the desired order of sorting fields to import if click on the field. Not checked items are ignored.



2. You should create MS Excel file and fill the columns with the requests you need. 


Each cell should have TEXT format. You can easily change its properties using right click and properties option.

After that you need to save file as .CSV Please remember the place where you saving the .CSV file. You will need it.

You can use Google Sheets for that too. Link.




3. Use choose file in the Import Tool and click Import button then. 

Import may take some time (usually around of 1 minute).

After that you will see the message if everything is OK.


Close that pop-up using X button as usual and refresh the conversions page.

4. After that you will see updated Conversions list.




How to change status of conversions

In that example you have 2 conversions with Pending status. And you want to change status of the first conversion to Approved and second one to Declined.


To do that please open Import Tool and click on checkboxes "Offer ID", "Conversion ID" and "Status".conv_imp3.png

Then you need to use MS Excel.

Use 1st column for "Offer ID", 2nd for "Conversion ID" and  3rd for "Status".

Lead Statuses:

  • 1 – action is «approved» (paid by advertiser);
  • 2 – action is «pending» (decision in process, request status later);
  • 3 – action is «declined» (not paid by advertiser);
  • 4 – requested action «does not exist» (requested ID is not registered on advertiser's site);
  • 5 - action is «approved» and put on Hold (will be paid by advertiser at a certain amount of time).

Your excel file should look like that. Save it as .CSV and then import it via Import Tool.


Then you will see the message if its OK.


Close that pop-up, refresh and then look at the conversions.





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