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To set integration Affise <-> Affise as a publisher you should add {clickid} macro to your  link. All you need is to pass it using one of our 5 sub accounts: sub1, sub2, sub3, sub4, sub5.

Link to Offer{clickid}

Where: - is a tracking domain specified when creating the application. 

Postback Example

Simple PostBack template:{sub1}&action_id={transactionid}

sub1 - your value for clickid

transactionid - Conversion identificator of advertiser

The full list of available macro for postback:

Parameter Description
{uagent} UserAgent of user browser
{ip} User IP-address
{sub1} Subaccount 1
{sub2} Subaccount 2
{sub3} Subaccount 3
{sub4} Subaccount 4
{sub5} Subaccount 5
{transactionid} Conversion identificator of advertiser
{date} Date and time of conversion committing in format Y-m-d H:i:s
{click_date} Date and time of click committing in format Y-m-d H:i:s
{offerid} Offer identificator in the System
{offer_name} Offer title in the System
{status} Conversion status, available values:
1 – action "Allowed" (will be paid later by advertiser)
2 – action "In process" (decision is not taken yet, you need request the status later)
3 – action "Declined" (will not be paid later by advertiser)
{sum} Conversion payout
{city} City
{geo} Country
{goal} Goal
{device_id} device ID
{currency} Currency
{comment} Comment
{ios_idfa} IOS Device ID
{android_id} Android Device ID
{timestamp} unix timestamp of conversion creation
{time} Time of click committing in format H:i:s
{date_only} Date of click committing in format Y-m-d
{rand} Randomly generated number
{referrer} Click referrer
{custom_field_1} Custom field 1
{custom_field_2} Custom field 2
{custom_field_3} Custom field 3
{custom_field_4} Custom field 4
{custom_field_5} Custom field 5
{custom_field_6} Custom field 6
{custom_field_7} Custom field 7



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