How to set targeting restrictions by 'sub' accounts?

Allowed sub account 1, 2

The option lets you block some of the sub accounts 1&2 values on offer level. Type one or more values delimited by comma in order to set sub accounts restrictions. 

For ex.: if you put abc here  - it means that only this sub account value will be accepted - means: whitelist the sub1,2 values.


If you select the 'Block' checkbox - it means that the sub account (&sub1=abc) only will be blocked - means: blacklist the sub1,2 values.


Sub1 AND Sub2 restrictions

If the data in affiliate's tracking URL coincides at least with one pair of sub1+sub2 => click will be redirected to the Trafficback URL.

Block traffic if ... is empty

You can also block traffic acceptance through the empty sub1 - sub8 account params. If the affiliate's tracking URL has missing sub account param - a click will be redirected to the Local Trafficback URL.


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